It’s Official!!!

It all started 4 years ago. A running newb with worn out shoes and a dream… and here I am running #5! #sheree4mmp Stay tuned for awesome, life-changing blog posts about running in… Continue reading

D2R Day 11: Praise at work.

Disconnect to Reconnect Day 10: May 22, 2014- Praise for a job well done. Action: This past week I was assigned the task to assist in revamping one of our company’s websites- something… Continue reading

D2R Day 10: Facial

Day 10: May 21, 2014- Facial Action: As you all know, part of this endeavor for me has been to venture out, treat myself, try new things, meet new people, get out of… Continue reading

D2R Day 9: Marathon team Reunion

Day 9: May 20, 2014- Team MMP Reunites! #disconnecttoreconnect #100HappyDays Action: Sharing some apps, drinks and laughs with some awesome marathon teammates. The marathon training experience is a grueling one, but it’s made… Continue reading

D2R Day 8: Monday Poise double.

Day 8: May 19, 2014- Bootcamp/Piloxing #disconnecttoreconnect #100HappyDays Action: Today I got myself through a Poise Bootcamp/Piloxing double. And I gotta say… I kind of felt like a champ! For this reason, this… Continue reading

D2R Day 7: Tap Dancing with Julia Boynton!

Day 7: May 18, 2014- Tap Dancing! #disconnecttoreconnect #100Happydays Action: For the past few months, I have been attending tap classes with Julia Boynton at Boston Percussive Dance. I took a gamble by… Continue reading

D2R Day 6: Sing at a Wedding

Day 6: May 17, 2014- Sing at a Wedding Action: Do what I love above most anything else in the world: sing. For the group of you who indulge in this blog, most… Continue reading

D2R Day 5: Early to Bed, Early to Rise

Day 5: May 16, 2014- Early to Bed Action: Go to bed super early… for once. The past few days I’ve been doing some extravagant things (the medium, the Bruins…) but the whole… Continue reading

D2R Day 4- Poised and Ready

Disconnect to Reconnect Day 4: May 15, 2014- Poised and Ready Action: Bought myself some studio wear! For about 8 weeks, I have been a regular member at Studio Poise in Lynnfield, MA.… Continue reading

Disconnect to Reconnect: Day 3- Bruins Game 7

Day 3: May 14, 2014- Bruins Game 7 Action: Bruins Game 7 Lesson: Bruins Game 7? Oh, and spending some money every once in a while to enjoy a favorite pastime is healthy… Continue reading